Gilligan's Island  

Directed by
Brad D. Fowler

Assistant Director
William Samples

Student Director
Kyle Coombs

Ali Gregg


Fri, Nov 15th, 2019 - 7:00pm
Sat, Nov 16th, 2019 - 2:00 & 7:00pm
Sun, Nov 17th, 2019 - 2:00pm


Enrichment Center Stage

Gilligan’s Island: The Musical is a family-friendly stage musical version of the ever popular and iconic 60’s TV comedy show “Gilligan’s Island”. Shipwrecked on a remote Pacific island, the seven castaways build huts and begin to explore their surroundings. They discover strange hieroglyphics in a spooky cave, which speak of an ancient legend. The weather gets rough, Gilligan foils the best-laid of the castaway’s rescue plans…romance develops…the castaways have an out-of-this-world encounter…it’s fun, wacky and entertaining with 18 original, tuneful and memorable songs.

Character Actor/Actress Description

Gilligan Stephen Brentlinger The title character of the show. Gilligan is a crewman of the S. S. Minnow who worked for the Skipper. He is well-meaning but bumbling, and he always seems to inadvertently mess up the castaways' escape.

Skipper Jake Sapp His real name is Jonas Grumby and he is the captain of the S. S. Minnow. He is well overweight, leading to numerous fat jokes from Gilligan. Whenever he gets frustrated with Gilligan, he swats him in the head with his hat.

Thurston Howell III Brad Wideman Thurston is a millionaire used to luxurious living and never does any work on the island. The only exception is when the castaways believe that Mr. Howell is broke and make him work. He devises many get-rich-quick schemes on the island. Thurston was originally a multi-billionaire until the stock market crash rendered him a multi-millionaire.

Mrs. Howell Maxine Brayton Thurston's wife. She can be more spoiled than Mr. Howell at times, but is always the first to want to try something new. Mr. Howell always calls her "Lovey". Her maiden name is Wentworth.

Ginger Grant Joy Adkisson A movie star from Hollywood. Ginger usually tries to use tricks from the movies she starred in to solve problems causing other castaways to rescue her from any dangers that befall her. She helps Mary Ann with cooking and dishwashing.

The Professor Dave Main His real name is Roy Hinkley and he was a high school teacher before being stranded on the island. He has numerous scientific degrees and uses his knowledge to build many things on the island out of available materials. He is the most well-educated of the group and always has a logical answer to everything (although not always correct).

Mary Ann Summers Madison Brentlinger A farm girl from Winfield, Kansas. Not much is known about her before she gets to the island. She is portrayed as a typical "girl next door" and does most of the laundry and cooking with some help from Ginger. She is famous for her coconut cream pies which usually end up on Gilligan's face. She also appears to have a slight crush on Gilligan.

The Aliens Alien Scout: Lindsey Fowler
Alien 2: Jordan Bartlett
Alien 3: Raine Ivester
An Interplanetary patrol who comes to Earth to warn everyone to change their ways else they are doomed.